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Not like any other drum seat, or any other music seat for that matter.

We have taken the latest ergonomic features available only in the highest quality office seating and adapted them to the SoundSeat®. Although J.R. Baker originally designed the SoundSeat for drummers, our company has expanded the line to include seats for guitarists, keyboard players, sound techs, or any other application where a person must be seated to work.

What makes SoundSeat® different?

All other drum seats are built on a thin, flat piece of plywood and covered with low density soft foam. They have hard molded synthetic covers that crack or split and make you sweat, with white metal mounting brackets that always strip out or break. As a result, all other seats "bottom out", leaving the user sitting on a hard, flat piece of plywood covered by materials that do not breathe. They are hot and uncomfortable. In contrast, the SoundSeat frame is molded under pressure from a 9 ply, 9/16" piece of plywood to fit the curvature of the human anatomy. Using our own specially designed foam mold, the highest quality energy absorbant foam is then injection molded to fit perfectly on this frame. The seat is covered, top and sides, with soft, high quality, top grain leather. The mounting bracket s all steel. The result is a truly comfortable hand-crafted seat that cradles your form, improves your posture and takes pressure off your lower spine by dispersing the weight evenly over the seat frame. The SoundSeat remains cool and comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time because the leather breathes and the foam does not "bottom out" on a flat piece of wood.

Who is J.R.?
How Did The Most Comfortable Music Seat Ever Built Come About?

J.R. Baker has played drums for over thirty years, mostly in original rock bands. Over the years he owned seats made by all the major manufacturers and averaged a new seat every two years. He found that all of them had one thing in common - they were hot and uncomfortable.

Our seat is, and always will be, a work in progress. You will never see a vinyl or cloth SoundSeat. White metal mechanisms and cheap components are also out. SoundSeat will always be made from pressure molded plywood, high density injection molded foam, steel, top grain leather, and heavy duty lifts and bases. Each hand made seat is a labor of love and a quest for comfort and perfection. This is a seat of such quality and workmanship that it can be handed down to a son or daughter for years of comfort and enjoyment without the backache and numbness that comes with all other makes.

A Pledge to Our Customers from J.R. Baker

The needs of each SoundSeat customer will always be addressed by a real human being. You may get J.R.'s answering service during the times that he is fabricating seats, but rest assured, ALL phone calls and emails will be responded to personally by J.R.. SoundSeat customers will NEVER have to hack their way through the electronic jungle of a phone tree, or communicate only with a computer. Here, at SoundSeat, we value our customers far too much to entrust their welfare to any electronic gadget.

Why Can't I Find The "SoundSeat" At My Local Music Store?

When J.R. started to produce the SoundSeat, his idea was to give you the highest quality seat for a reasonable price. The only way to do this was to cut out the middle man and sell direct to you, the consumer. He found that when he went through stores the price of the seat doubled. The best solution for all was to sell direct from the internet.

What If I Want to Return It?

J.R. fully guarantees your complete satisfaction with the comfort of this seat. If, for any reason you are not fully satisfied with the comfort of this seat, simply call J.R. within 1 week of receipt, and tell him you are shipping it back. You will receive a refund of the full purchase price minus shipping and handling.

J.R. Baker would like to thank Jesus, St. Jude, and St. Pio. Please contribute to the St. Judes Childrens Hospital.

Gas Lift Guitar Seat

Gas Lift Seat with
Back and Arms for Sound Techs

Gas Lift Seat with Back
for keyboard players

Gas Lift Seat for drummers

Retro-Fit Seat